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NaNo Reference area

Linking all the NaNo stuff together. Mostly for my benefit, because my OCD requires it (let's not discuss the genealogy-tree looking thing that is my Scrivener file). But here for yours as well, should you want one place to go to for the latest updates. (All three of you.)

So, tentatively titled the big main story Sundered Faith. (Its current title in Scrivener wherein I'm compiling my notes. I never claimed to be subtle.)

Actual NaNoWriMo (heavily edited, still adjusting local dialect to more Old English roots (nitpicking flavor text is important))
Prologue (Last update: 05/17/12)
Part 1: Giants in the Earth (Last update: 12/06/11)
Part 1: Giants in the Earth (cont.) (Last update:12/06/11)
Part 2: The Wasteland (Last update: 12/06/11)
Part 2: The Wasteland (cont.) (Last update: 12/06/11)
Part 3: The Forgotten Temple (Last update: 12/10/11)
Part 3: The Forgotten Temple (cont.) (Last update: 12/10/11)
Part 3: The Forgotten Temple (more cont.) (Last update: 12/10/11)

Post-NaNoWriMo continuation (still in the draft section of writing)
Part 4: The Motion of the Heavens (Last update: 12/10/11)
Part 4: The Motion of the Heavens (cont.) (Last update 12/10/11)
Part 4: The Motion of the Heavens (more cont.) (Last update 12/10/11)
Part 4: The Motion of the Heavens (oh god, where does it stop?) (Last update 12/10/11)

Other things that take place (these are here just to annoy me because this is the story I wanted to write for my NaNo and it needed too much backstory for me to get anywhere near it. Sigh)
The nonsense that started it all
The Gray Gown
Cosmogony in the works

Arty stuff
Redone map of Caldonia for reference (I love making maps. Proof (And oh god, the bar thing, how did I not notice? *facepalm*))
Lee does doodle portraits
Lee does costume design
I kinda fail at that myself (more art featuring the girls throughout there, knock yourselves out)
(also, from the Pathfinder campaign, a sketch of some half-orcs for you)


World Building: Erushfold

This country may or may not play a big part in the Pathfinder campaign. The Sundered Faith ladies walked through it before the story started- they mentioned being stopped at the far border and sent south on a safe detour. But the GM and I have been bouncing ideas back and forth about the city-states' designs, and Bushigesh (and thus Erushfold) came up. So here's a reference center for it. This is still very much a work in progress.

This is probably not going to be interesting for most of you.Collapse )

Caldonian Pantheon

A work-in-progress listing of the Caldonian pantheon, complete with notes for use. They're based on Greek mythology, in that 'larger than life' sense, complete with 'anything humans can screw up, the gods can do bigger'. (I love soap opera pantheons. I just insist that there be good guys and bad guys, because I'm a giant wuss about needing somebody sympathetic to root for.)

Read onCollapse )

Pathfinder Campaign (2/?)

This next section took longer than expected, but at last it's done. Now to immediately get to yesterday's session.

Breaking and entering with a paladin requires some circuitous logic. Not that it's been used here.Collapse )

Pathfinder Campaign (1/?)

An experiment in story-writing whilst still in the midst of campaigning. Each update will be of a session (of varying degrees of truthfulness, as dice-rolling sometimes makes for terrible fight sequences). These are all new characters for us, so I haven't had enough interaction to get a real good hold of the different personalities.

Bars are where most of these things begin. I wonder why.Collapse )

Sundered Faith, Part Four (4/?)

Not certain if this will be the last update on this for the rest of the month or not. I've got more, but there's two major sections that are still very much in the 'needs more everything' part of writing. With Christmas coming up, I don't know if I'll get them finished. But I'll try my best.
Updated 12/10/11

Wherein there is silliness and hopefully some questions answered.Collapse )


Sundered Faith, Part Four (3/?)

Got to write Crunch some more. He makes my OCD twitch. I think I managed to keep him down to just a couple pronouns. (Some things just really require an it. There's no avoiding it, alas.) It's difficult balancing 'really dumb' with 'oddly insightful'. (Still haven't decided what to do about George though...)

The script for section 4 finished still looks like NaNo length, alas. Finales have this tendency.
Last updated 12/10/11

In which nothing gets done at all.Collapse )


Input Required

So I got tired of writing. I am flighty this way. So I instead decided to work on the picture of the adventuring group I started drawing, um, three visits to Carmen ago? She was still living at her old place anyway...

Whatevs, my inability to draw a picture in under two years is not what's being discussed anyway. Line art finally done and inked and scanned and converted to RGB and everything!

I am sort of finished with the flat colors. Finished, as in only Athena's earring hasn't got any color to it, but you will not notice. Sort of, as in hey, poll the audience time. Some color choices are up for change. Such as, like, all of Athena. Because I have no idea what her color scheme is. And Crunch. Because I just used the same colors I did as the last picture of him. (Except with a shirt this time. Classy.) Carmen can suggest colors for herself, but maybe I shouldn't do that because she will be silly and say her knee patch should be magenta. So maybe everyone but Carmen should suggest colors instead. (Unless you will also say magenta, in which case you are vetoed as well.)

Ignore the gradient background. I didn't want it to be solid and slapped something on just for you guys.

version 3 -->


Sundered Faith, Part 4 (2/?)

This story keeps expanding as I write and at the rate it's going, it'll get close to being as long as the NaNo. Sigh.

Word of warning, major run-on sentences. Petra has this tendency. You may need to reread her lines a couple times before understanding what she's going on about. (I had fun writing that section. (Jon, not so much. Something about wanting me to pay attention to him.) I still read it too fast, so editting it is a nuisance.)
Last updated 12/10/11

Introducing the last of the main cast. At the very end of the section.Collapse )


Sundered Faith, Part Four (1/?)

This is still in the works, but jachyra wanted to see what I've got. So I've split up what I've got and am posting for the internet's reading pleasure. This is better proofed than your first viewing of the NaNo, but feel free to point out any bad grammar/inconsistencies/things you think are plot holes. Provided their hearts are suitably blessed, of course.

Last updated 12/10/11

I've given up on action scenes. I write mysteries. Sigh.Collapse )