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Old Icon Meme

1. Default

But it changes once a year or so.

2. Oldest

We're not really surprised by the topic of this one, yes?

3. Newest

A quote from my current game love, Dragon Age:Origins. Alistair is adorable, but I think Lee would like Zevran more. He's the scoundrel to Alistair's choirboy.

4. Saddest

I kinda wanted to put in my 'don't give a damn' icon here, but I do use this one for 'my day was bad' posts.

5. Happiest

My icons possibly don't run a proper gamut of emotions...

6. Angriest

With a runner up in:

Dean won because I felt threatened by his eyebrows.

7. Cutest

I love the colors.

8. Sexiest
I don't think I have a proper one. Let's poll the audience!
1. 2. 3.

9. Funniest

I think my Hitchhiker ones might be funnier.

10. Most Used

I actually use half of them pretty frequently. so you're getting the one I think I use most. (Of chocolate, books, and sarcasm, I'm rather certain sarcasm wins... My ones on consistency and rambling get used often as well. Speaking of which...)

11. Favorite Now

12. Favorite Overall

Because Lee made it specifically for me. *hearts*