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Caldonian Pantheon

A work-in-progress listing of the Caldonian pantheon, complete with notes for use. They're based on Greek mythology, in that 'larger than life' sense, complete with 'anything humans can screw up, the gods can do bigger'. (I love soap opera pantheons. I just insist that there be good guys and bad guys, because I'm a giant wuss about needing somebody sympathetic to root for.)

The Firstborn(in order of creation)
Khaos, the Void
The monster under the bed bad guy. The end of all things. Khaos was happy when it was the sole thing that existed and fights to return to that state.

Aeon, Grandfather Time, and Tekmor, Necessity
The entwined serpents. They have no followers, nor answer prayers. They exist beyond even the realms of the gods.

Khory, the Earth-Mother
The driving force of creation, capable of any form of reproduction. Loves all forms of life. With the rise of the Allekheirn Empire, she was driven into seclusion by the younger gods, who blamed her for their losses.

Serapis, the Gatekeeper
God of the abyss, guardian of the gates between the mortal, divine, and outer (Beyond) realms. Creator of the Wheel of Beyond, the cycle of human reincarnation. A distant god with a lawful stance. Formed at the same time as

the Heavens
The Sky God, beloved of Khory. His realm is a shell separating Khory's realms from the Void, making it easier for Khaos to interact with him, much to the detriment of the pantheon. Driven mad with jealousy, he led an attempt to wipe out the lesser creations of the world. After a lengthy series of wars, the other gods succeeded in casting him down and chaining him deep within his brother Serapis' realms. His name was written out of creation, and the lesser creations refer to him as the Chained God. Later civilizations added the title 'Eater of Worlds' to his list of honorifics.

Rhadamanthys, Darkness
A creation of the Void meant to instill chaos in the gods' midst. Eternally caught in battle with

Amera, Day
Created by the Sky god to counteract Rhadamanthys. As one of his creations pre-corruption, she is free of his influence.

Okeanos, the World Ocean
God of the deeps. Created from Khory's tears at the fighting between Amera and Rhadamanthys. His realm touches up against Khory's. A deeply thoughtful being, not very interested in the worries of the land-walkers. Sailors often pray to his consort for safe passage.

Jadus, the Sun
Created by the fighting between Amera and Rhadamanthys. As a child of battle, he is one of the war gods, though it is not properly found in his portfolio. In his youth, he was a very unstable god. Dwells within the Sky's realms. After the Sky was cast down, he took up his progenitor's mantle as keeper of the Heavens. This put him in the same position as his predecessor, capable of easy influence by the Void. With the help of Isis, he has attempted to eschew this influence, but with the passing of time, it grows more difficult.

Sometime within the past few centuries, this sway has proven too difficult to fight, and his increasing instability has led to an instability within his clergy. They currently hold dominion over most of the western half of Caldonia, and have forced the other gods' clergy out of their lands.

Galataia, Fresh Water
Goddess of the waters of life. A gift from the Sky god to Okeanos, to prevent him from paying court to Khory. The most common art depicting her is as a young maiden, being led to the sea, and as young mother, weeping into her child's arms at their reunion. (It is uncertain whether Galataia's creation was before or after Jadus', as these took part in very separate places. As Galataia does not care, Jadus can get away with claiming to be elder.)

Khloris, Nature
Youngest of the Firstborn, daughter of Okeanos and Galataia. The first god to be truly given birth to, her creation gave her better insight into life, leading her to constantly create it. As such, she is considered the genetrix of all mortal life. Refused Jadus' courtship, leading to both her death, and indeed, the entire series of god wars. at Isis' request, Serapis sought her out in the Beyond and brought her back, creating the cycle of death and rebirth that all mortal life follows. She retains no memory of her time from before she went Beyond, nor of the Beyond, and so too follow mortals' rebirths.

Isis, the Moon
Origin unknown, Isis is the goddess of mystery and prophecy, and is a stabilizing influence on her consort, Jadus.

Astarte, the fertility goddess
A mostly forgotten goddess, her holy symbol can still be found marking whorehouses. Statues of her show her as a full-figured, matronly woman. In realms not influenced by Jadus, her portfolio has been taken over by Calistria, whose home pantheon lays across the great eastern ocean.

The twins: Khione, Lady of Snow, and Perses, Lord of Heat
Further creations of the fight between Amera and Rhadamanthys, making them war gods much like their elder brother Jadus. Perses holds sway over blood lust and destruction, while Khione rules vengeance. Khione does not get along well with Calistria, for she feels the other goddess is infringing on her territory (much of Calistria's portfolio in her own pantheon aligns with Khione). Perses himself is torn between siding with his sister, whom he loves dearly, and Calistria, whom he pays court to (as, indeed, do many unattached gods).

Asterix, goddess of Dreams and Stars
Commonly known as Isis' daughter, though their exact relation is unknown. She may be a former mortal who was a necromancer, or the relation may be true and it was her father who was the mortal. She is a sign of 'that which is dark need not be evil' and only has neutrally aligned followers. (CN, N, or LN) Many sapient undead follow her. Her clerics command, not rebuke, the undead.

Karmanor, the Reaper
One of Khory's younger creations, he is the god of the harvest. His worshipers are primarily farmers, though many woodsworkers follow him as well. His weapon is the sickle, not the scythe. As a nature god, his clerics rebuke the undead, not command.

Asklepios, the Healer
God of medicine, magic and logic. His clerics would have the choice of commanding or rebuking undead, as sometimes the best medicine is a hard kick to the head. A neutrally aligned deity, dedicated to mending the world. His decisions are sometimes considered cruel. Frequently found in the company of

Leto, the Hunter
The Unseen One. Many woodsworkers choose him as their patron. Rogues will also make offerings to him, in hopes of staying ahead of the law.

Oreithyia of the Winds
The main weather goddess, it is she who controls the changing of the seasons. The winds are personified as horses in her divine stable, so she also has animal-taming in her portfolio. Breaker of Horses, is another common title for her.

(group as yet unnamed)
Brontes (male), Sterope (female), and Arges (no gender)
A trio of destructive weather gods, normally worshiped as a three in one, where Arges is nominally the leader. They are the fickle Fates. They have little clergy to speak of, but are popular with witches and intelligent 'monster' races. People pray to them to escape bad luck or wish bad luck on someone. How they have any time for the weather is a good question.


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(But Asterix, man, she's gonna make me start mispronouncing 'asterisk' all over the place.)
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