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Crazies on the net

"Great writing! I want you to follow up to this topic!?!"

I've had to delete this message three times off of my last entry. (From two different posters, rozehaft and something along the lines of qurohive. I remember it being nonsense and google failed me except for their profile page and some entry in Russian with a similar message. Their profiles look exactly the same, surprise, surprise.) I feel like I should up the privacy setting on it to make whoever this is stop. Stupid spammers. I'm posting this so there will be a new entry at the top of the journal page and maybe they will go away now. (I mean, I doubt it, but it never hurts to try.)

Story update, for those of you waiting breathlessly. Um... 16k with no end in sight? (Carmen's the lucky beta-reader and is no doubt mocking you for her ability to access what I've currently got. Except that puts her in even more of a cliffhangerness than you, so you've got the better end of the deal. Just with more sulking on your part, since her need to read is occasionally fed.) Never think 'quick gang, let's split up' is a good thing to do with a story. Because now you've got two series of actions going. I mean, yay, finally got Crunch worked in, (How many words is there to the whole silly thing before he shows up? 65k? Ridiculous.) but how am I supposed to solve the problem of a couple of batshit deities pulling everyone in a dozen different directions? No exploding temples this time. Hopefully.

Anyways, now that I've confused the captive audience, to recap that nonsense, the story goes. I will someday finish. (Considering the fact I'm adding to it primary in 300 word chunks, except when the muse attacks for 3000 words RIGHT NOW STOP WHAT YOURE DOING IGNORE THOSE CUSTOMERS THIS IS IMPORTANT, it could be a bit. But never fear, it's poked at daily. (If only because Carmen won't stop emailing me.)

World Building

So the next section of the nameless NaNo (seriously, I need to think up a title) takes place basically in a huge temple complex. There's been a couple gods mentioned, a couple more bumped into, and a couple more who don't really matter at all. But I wanted to flesh out the pantheon so that, should the need for others arise, I already had them set. Also because Carmen pointed out Allekhor and Khory share stressed syllables and were they related? Which, as it turns it, is true, but is not explained here. Because this is just me setting up the eldest gods. The rest are from further down the line and are possibly far too in detail for religious myths than I need right now. (Though Astarte's abandoned holy symbol is absolutely hilarious to google. (The sheela na gig for those of you who didn't spot it.))

Anyways, I told jachyra I'd post what I have of my cosmogony. It's not complete and nowhere near florid enough, but it's what I've got so far.

Caldonian creation myth in the worksCollapse )


On Editing

So I've got 50000 words of text I need to proofread. I took December off because by the end of NaNoWriMo, I basically had the entire thing memorized and couldn't see typos because I knew what the sentence was supposed to say. Carmen happily helped out with a lot of the grammar stuff that I would've spotted during the proofreading, so I changed my save file stuff as she found them, but didn't bother changing the posts because I knew the big proofing was coming and am lazy and didn't want to keep changing posts a bazillion times.

Anyways, proofreading 90 pages. I catch things while reading, sure, but for editing, I really like having pencil in hand to scribble. (It's why sections of the story have a lot less changes. Because I actually *wrote* those, and then typed and editted at the same time. I don't really think/type/edit all at once. That would be crazy.) So now I get to break it back down into its four main sections, double-space them, and print them out. I think the proofing is going to take as long as the actual writing. (Well, maybe not, it only took me a week to do the prologue and section one.) I figured to save Dad from getting annoyed at me for printing out 100 or so pages all at once on the work computer, I'd do sections. Also it would keep me from staring at it in horror.

So, anyways, new version of the first parts now up. There's some more background flavor text (such as how it turns out to be the people of Caldonia don't actually speak the same language the girls do. It's not something I thought about until I hit some part of the second section and then there was no cause for mentioning those circumstances), but most of it is just minor tweaks.


Old Icon Meme

1. Default

But it changes once a year or so.

2. Oldest

We're not really surprised by the topic of this one, yes?

3. Newest

A quote from my current game love, Dragon Age:Origins. Alistair is adorable, but I think Lee would like Zevran more. He's the scoundrel to Alistair's choirboy.

4. Saddest

I kinda wanted to put in my 'don't give a damn' icon here, but I do use this one for 'my day was bad' posts.

5. Happiest

My icons possibly don't run a proper gamut of emotions...

6. Angriest

With a runner up in:

Dean won because I felt threatened by his eyebrows.

7. Cutest

I love the colors.

8. Sexiest
I don't think I have a proper one. Let's poll the audience!
1. 2. 3.

9. Funniest

I think my Hitchhiker ones might be funnier.

10. Most Used

I actually use half of them pretty frequently. so you're getting the one I think I use most. (Of chocolate, books, and sarcasm, I'm rather certain sarcasm wins... My ones on consistency and rambling get used often as well. Speaking of which...)

11. Favorite Now

12. Favorite Overall

Because Lee made it specifically for me. *hearts*


Tiny Story

So Lee doodled some art for my NaNoWriMo. In return, I have scribbled out something I mentioned to her Saturday. Because, if you will note, Odette's dress is blue in her art. This is Lee being psychic and READING MY MIND, knowing that Odette's dress was not always gray.
But apparently it was blue.Collapse )


Sundered Faith, Part Three (3/3)

Final section. (No, I don't have any more story, why do you ask? Carmen certainly didn't help me prod the 'set six months later than this' story into some semblance of order last time I visited. You are being paranoid.)
Updated 12/10/11

So I'm a sucker for conspiracy theories and possibly wrote far too many as I went along.Collapse )


Sundered Faith, Part Three (2/3)

So this arc needed to be divided into three parts because I kept not finding a stopping point.
Updated 12/10/11

This is the exciting section, anyway.Collapse )


Sundered Faith, Part Three (1/3)

And now for the cat fight. (No seriously, that's totally what I labeled the section as when I realized the argument was getting away from me.)
Updated 12/10/11

It can't really be a cat fight. One of them's lawful good.Collapse )


Sundered Faith, Part Two (2/2)

Because of the fact I hadn't really planned for section 2, it's the shortest of the bunch and leads directly into the next.
Updated 12/06/11
In which Carmen and Athena prove they are hippies.Collapse )


Sundered Fath, Part Two (1/2)

Next up, moving on to the country of Telubra. Because those Sunds are crazy people and the less time spent there, the better.

Too bad it's worse in Telubra.
Updated 12/06/11

All of this. Totally not in the original outline.Collapse )