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Sundered Faith, Part One (2/2)

So google docs isn't the only thing that hates lengthy word counts. I had forgotten LJ had a cut off. So continuing the first story arc...

Updated 12/06/11 Now with additional scene!

This first section was actually written later than the rest of part one because mentioning the troll in passing was boring.Collapse )


Sundered Faith, Part One (1/2)

First arc. But feel free to call me on any mistakes still left, I am totally okay with someone else's proofing. Provided all of your sentences use 'bless your heart.'

Updated 12/06/11
Improper use of ancient siege technology, go.Collapse )


Sundered Faith Prologue

Complete prologue of NaNoWriMo. Now with the actual cast showing up.
Updated 05/17/12

You will have seen some of this before.Collapse )


This post doesn't really mean anything

So my NaNo is slowly wrapping itself up. My word count was pretty hilarious to watch- you can see when I caught my cold, it suddenly levels off and then spikes for the day in the middle of my cold where I thought I was done being sick and got all sorts of writing done. And then got nothing done for the next couple days because I relapsed, garg. I'm still not completely done being sick, but my head is no longer so fuzzy I keep typing the same word. (Word grammar checker fixed that for me yesterday because OpenOffice only checks my spelling. Ten times I did that. Eight of which were in fuzzy-trying-to-keep-up-with-WC-but-really-just-dying-to-nap time. I'd start a sentence, start staring off into space, then return to sentence repeating the word I had stopped on. Mostly prepositions with a couple 'the's thrown in for good measure.)

I figured I'd toss out the first two sections- labeled part 0 and part 1 in google docs.

Google docs, btw, *hates* lengthy text documents. I play FB games to amuse myself while it struggles to load my 12-15k word files. It's a little annoying, which is why when I'm on my laptop I use Open Office instead. Google docs is for tossing out 800-1000 words during work hours. (Except this week, when there was nobody at work at my cold medicine was actually working and I typed out around 3k words because I didn't like one of my timeline changes and squished something in between for some fun action.) Google docs also doesn't like lengthy copy/pastes and crashes for anything more than what looks to be 2k words. Someone on the NaNo site mentioned dropbox and I swapped to using that instead. My PC hates it because I'm using .odt files and my version of MS Office doesn't read it, but it's not like I use my PC for much beyond games anyway. The work comp- and its newer version of Office- handles it just fine.

For those of you who went tl;dr, I have shinies. Part 0 Part 1.0 Part 1.5 Part 2.0 Part 2.5 Part 3.0 Part 3.3 Part 3.6

More coming later, boyfriend getting antsy about constantly being blown off this month. (I don't complain about his WoW time, what's his problem?)

Still needs a title though. Any ideas?


From my NaNo


I must be insane

... because why else would I be trying to do this when I average about a thousand words a month when it comes to writing?

I suppose this is my way of ensuring I actually do make an effort the rest of the month. Otherwise Carmen will cry. And Lee will mock me. (Because she finishes art projects all the time, what is my problem, seriously?)

Wish me luck! Or at least lack of laziness.

Now with 75% more babble

Spent an hour figuring out how to install Firefox 3.6 on netbook, as Firefox 2.0 insisted there were no updates to check for under help button. Feel empowered. (Downloaded file three times to different locations before giving up on following Firefox's 'installing on a linux system' instructions and googling them specifically for the Aspire One. (In retrospect, understanding the commands would be good, as well as what a file's full address is, because I'm pretty certain that was the problem. I miss being able to right click and tell an application to install itself. Still uncertain as to what sort of command tar is (extract, maybe?), but thanks to xkcd, I know sudo means 'do this.' Am likely insult to all female geeks everywhere, as possibly am only a poser.)

Also, should possibly not do software upgrades while sick. Slows thinking processes down, as well as constant interruption of work to blow nose/sneeze continuously/hack up a lung. (Let us not talk about that time where I spent eight hours updating Windows XP enough to run Josh's HP server software. Stupid service pack 2 requirements. (Why yes, I had turned off the updater a bazillion years ago, why do you ask?)) Also, less of a problem falling asleep mid-thought. (Have woken up three times today. One time was Dad wondering if I would be in to work. Whoops. Possibly should have called him first time I woke up.) Thankfully, kettle whistle very loud.

Sad thing about sick days when sick is you're too sick to enjoy them. This would be perfect time to hog Josh's projector, but constant napping would keep me from being able to play anything or actually see a movie in one sitting. Have actually spent the last four hours trying to write this post.

Randomness concerning short storiesCollapse )

Christmas List

It being the first of December, I should probably step up my hunt for a cool gift for my Secret Santa. Le sigh. Why don't any of you people have lists?! *ignores the fact she hasn't yet put one up this year either*

I should get started on that, I suppose.

I've made a Jinx wishlist and have made inroads into one at ThinkGeek. I have an Amazon list. (But organizing freak that I am, books that have perked my interest have their own list.)

Other things, hmm.

- Doctor Who, season 4. Oh my god, season four and the marvelous creation that is Donna Noble. (Davies apparently picked up on the fact we were getting annoyed with the ladies being all doe-eyed for the Doctor and bought us off with the "you're too skinny for me, Martian" Lady Donna. I'm depressed about her fate, but I still want to actually own it and coo over it and pets it, the precious.) Finally gave in and bought it myself. Onwards to pining for season 5, even if they are 12.

- Big Book of Absolute Sandman Vol. 2. Because I am a huge fangirl and can't stop myself from picking up everything concerning that series. (With the exception of Dream Hunters. Hmm. Weird.)

- I like big puzzles with pretty landscapes on them. (Theresa, you are a sadist for buying me that double-sided one. I don't care that I love butterflies, double-sided drives me *insane*.)

- Small nicknacks of the pewter kind. I like dragons. And ducks. (And have two unicorns, but I don't actually *want* a pony, I just say it because it's funny.)

- Console-wise, I'd like to get Dragon Age: Origins or Persona 4. I forget, did I buy this for me or did Jon? And does that question make me a terrible person?

- D&D 3.5 Monster Manual. (I'm playing a druid, I should probably have reference for the stats for shapeshifting. Maybe then I'd actually shapeshift.)


Movie weekend, try 2

Went and saw 9 yesterday with Lee. Got there half an hour early, saw the line and went "oh, hey, why are all these people here? There are no interesting movies playing." (Gamer looks lame, District 9 has been out awhile, there were four kiddie movies, and let's not even discuss The Time Traveler's Wife.

Actually, no, let's, because I love making mockery of things that are overnight successes for dumb reasons like 'Edward Cullen is shiny and the perfect cardboard man.' I understand Asimov has a point with science fiction not actually having to be its own genre (after all, I've read the Robot books and it's not like the Honor Harrington books aren't just Horatio Hornblower with spaceships for the first five books). But I wikied it. (I wiki everything. It's a drug.) It's some boring romance where the steamy penultimate sex scene is when she's 18 and he's 40-something. (For those of you who don't wiki everything, he's unglued from time and keeps bouncing back and forth- always showing up with nothing but his birthday suit- in time, usually in his personal timeline. (Means his wife met him years before he met her, because it was old-him meeting illegal-her before young-him met college girl-her when they were both in the proper spot for their timelines. It's a genetic disorder, which means the female lead gets to have tons of natural abortions (whoops, miscarriages), because apparently fetuses can time-hop too. Moms not included. (It actually makes me wonder which parent he got it from and whether a pregnant woman would hop around with the baby. This is likely not discussed in the book, because it's about not being master of your own destiny, since the traveler finds out everything from the wife and she finds out the necessary dates from him.) There is huge angst about the miscarriages and he gets his tubes tied, pissing her off, and making her jump the bones of one of his pre-tied-tubes selves that pop into the future to make with the bavymaking. (And of course that pregnancy sticks, but I forget if that just meant junior started jumping later in life. It ends with him showing up someplace in winter with snow and getting frostbite in his feet and him having to gnaw them off and then he hops to someplace where he cannot run away because he has gnawed off his feet and is hit by a car and dies. And her story ends with the just-before-the-whole-frostbite-thing version of him showing up at her deathbed to say goodbye. (By the way, perhaps you should wiki that, because less of half of that was bullshit.)

Anyways, no major movies out (though the 9 theater was crowded because it was opening weekend), so we figure everyone hit the movies because it was overcast and drizzly and not good weather for doing outdoor activities. (Oh hey, speaking of The Time Traveler's Wife still, the hair on the guy in the poster looked familiar (though the name meant nothing because the actor wasn't hot enough to check up on IMDB when whatever movie I was watching with him in it was playing. Lee went "blah, blah, blah, standard male haircut", to which I say "you haven't ever seen Stargate: Atlantis but for commercials, but I bet you could identify Joe Flanigan solely from a cropped picture of his forehead and up." To which she says I have a point and rattles off some movies this guy's been in (like Troy and some other boring movie I have also avoided, and she was surprised I'd avoided Troy, since she watched it a couple times while we were still loving together. Mad skillz.) But I still have no idea where it is I've seen him.)

Anyways, 9 was bunches of fun, even if I did keep getting flashes of "is this what Cyborg 009 would look like it if the guys who thought up the Terminator stuff remade it using sock puppets and Henry Selick?" (This sentence will not make any sense to you without having seen Cyborg 009, Terminator, Wallace and Grommit, Coraline, Nightmare Before Christmas, and 9. And even then, only if you are me.) It even had an all male voice cast, with one token girl. Admittedly, she played the hero, so that's an upgrade from 009's useless love-interesty twit who was just good as binoculars. I will take twelve of the little ones with the flashing eyes and adorable hoods, and one bone helmet with built-in dangle earrings. Please hold the bodiless doll head attached to potato-bag snake.

I spent most of the movie trying to figure out the voice actors. 9 was easy enough- because I be a huge Elijah Wood fan, and 1 had a most commanding 'I am eldest, I know best' speech that could've come straight from Saruman's mouth (because I still don't know who that actor is) and the only other movie I'd heard 7 in was Labyrinth and the actress is 20 years older and doesn't sound the same (maybe if 7 had been a whiner I would've picked up on it). I was disappointed the dead sock puppets couldn't have their souls put back (at least the ones who still had their lifeless bodies lying around), but it was a heartfelt shiny goodbye scene.

Lee and I had actually driven out last weekend to Pensacola to see the new Miyazaki movie (Pongyo, or something like that. In my head it's the Little Mermaid anime). I got to her place late, so dawdled getting out, and we were fifteen minutes late. The counter girl informed us that the movie was no longer on her screen and she couldn't sell us tickets. I debated buying a ticket for a different movie and just going to the Punjab show anyway, but she had an ornery look on her face, and I hate the Pensacola theater and wasn't upset at all to not have to give them money. We went to Steak & Shake instead.


Write or Die?

So I'm a blog reader. I forget where I found this link (mostly because I read a blog, which'll reference another one, which will reference another one, etc, until basically it's like wiki'ing Dakota Fanning and ending up at the Great Barrier Reef. Sure it made sense while following links but you've got no idea how you actually ended up there.)

Anyways, somebody was discussing their NaNoWriMo and how, ever since they found Write or Die, they've actually stayed on schedule for their daily word count. (NaNoWriMo, btw, is the Nation Novel Writing Month. Write 50,000 words of a story. Do it in less than thirty days. The last week in November is when the actual word counts start.)

So, Write or Die. It's negative reinforcement of not writing, rather than positive reinforcement. Keep writing or your computer will make nasty sounds effects and suchlike. Set the level high enough, your words will start disppearing as you continue to delay your typing. Masochist that I am, I wanted to try it out. I banged this out in half an hour and am considering giving it another go to see where the story leads. (I have gone back and checked for obvious typos, but otherwise it's unedited.)

I always seem to default to Petra. I suppose it's because she's my most hashed-out character.Collapse )